7 October 2011

The Puppet Master

I love a bit of culture mid week and so I took myself of to Creative Calderdale in Halifax on Wednesday night to listen to Barry Purves talk about his Stop Frame Animation (SFA). I didn't know who he was until I saw the talk advertised and I'm really pleased that I went along. 
Barry showed us a selection of his work from over the last 20 years, explaining the detail, time & cost that goes into a short SFA. The image above is from a recent piece called Tchaikovsky, a 13 minute film about the life & music of the Russian. Below is called Next, a 5 min animation showcasing all of William Shakespeare work. Watch the film here
Barry is clearly very passionate about Stop Frame Animation and he brings his puppets to life no matter how small the budget. He talked about the craft of SFA compared to CGI and computer generated animation and how animators shouldn't forget the skill and quality of SFA. He teaches now and a few of his key tips are; Learn how to tell a story, learn how a character performs and then apply the technical detail, you have to feel the emotion and feelings of the characters to get the most from them. I hope you enjoy the animations (a couple are a bit rude).