29 December 2011

Skyline & Chimney

Chimney Range

Skyline & Rooftop

Following my post below by the Oslo trio I thought I'd share some of my product designs. Helena & myself meet at Uni whilst studying 3D Design, Furniture & Fine Product and above are a few of my creations from my final year. The Chimney Range was a collection of vessels for storage in the home, they developed into tea & coffee pots. The shapes of the vessel create a hierarchy by using different sized polygons as a base, starting at 6 sides jumping up to 12. The change in base size altered the shape of vessels from short & open to slender and enclosed. I wanted to play with materials and created the prototypes from powder coated sheet metal & a resin lid - if the pieces ever made mass production I would like to combine sheet metal & ceramic or introduce wood into the lid & handle components. 

The Shelves are based on the skylines of cities and the rooftops of towns. Their construction is very simple, they are made from sheet steal and bent into shape and finished off by being powder coated, I've opted for Red, Black, White & Purple in my range. The shelves were designed to contain your things in a controlled manner, we often place items in shelves in a messed up & chaotic nature, often stuffing books into holes and spaces. I hope you like them. 

The shelves are available for sale if you are interested please drop me an email